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Life Insurance/Manulife Life Insurance
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  • The agent is very responsive and provides us with frequent updates. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. A great company with excellent customer service.
  • Posted on 19 Nov 2019
    I recommend ManuLife ready plus because of the 3x multipler benefit during your working years. Also, you can pay for a short 20/25 years for whole life. I like that it is relatively competitive in their prices compared to other companies.
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Whole Life Insurance

NTUC Income Life Insurance

Manulife Life Insurance

Critical Illness (CI)

Early Critical Illness (ECI)

Hi Lai Wah, Firstly, the options for the multiplier amounts differ, as you may have guessed from the plan name, VivoLife's multiplier is 3.5 times that of the basic sum assured. Other options include 1.2 times and 1.8 times. Manulife offers 1,2,3,4,5 times of the basic sum assured. By adding the riders, you will get early critical coverage. Vivolife itself already has 40 late stage CI coverage build into the main plan and hence you won't need to add any rider for late stage CI, only early stage CI require the Early Protect Accelerator. For LifeReady Plus, the Early Critical Care Rider covers early, intermediate and late stage CI. The main plan itself does not have any CI coverage, only death and TPD. I'd recommend that you consider all options on the table as other insurers can be also very competitive both on coverage and on pricing, before you commit to a policy. Contact an Independent Financial Advisor if you wish to get a list of options available to you for early CI cover.


Manulife Life Insurance

Early Critical Illness (ECI)

Critical Illness (CI)

Whole Life Insurance

Lifeready is no longer available. New applications are all on lifeready plus now. There's some difference in pricing I believe as well as a new rider (eci waiver, if I recall correctly) that's launched with lifeready plus.

Manulife Life Insurance





This is an ilp that combines protection and 'investment'. The glb asset allocation fund isn't really doing well from what I've observed; I've personally switched out of it for my legacy ilp plan years ago. Get in touch with your financial planner to review your portfolio and if it will be better to switch to another fund (I suspect it will). Or get Luke Ho to take over as your servicing agent and plan something out for you if you want to continue down the ILP route. For ILPs, there is no guarantee of fund returns. The only guarantees are the fees levied on the plan.

SG Budget Babe


AVIVA MyWholeLifePlan

Manulife Life Insurance

China Taiping

Hi Isabel, Your policies are protected the policy owner's protection scheme, so I would say you don't have to worry about the insurer not honouring their commitment. Yes, they are new to the WL market, but certain not new to insurance. And insurance companies re-insure the risk with bigger companies known as reinsurers, so I would say your policy will be safe. What's untested is their track record of their Participating fund. They are pretty swamped at the moment due to this new plan basically causing disruption in the whole life market. The claims process will be similar regardless of company. Upon submission of supporting documents for a claim, the insurer will do their own checks and request for more information if required, if not, they will make the payment to you. For insurers who have left the Singapore market (it does happen), the policies will continue to be in force and handled by another insurer. For example, John Hancock left Singapore and Manulife took over to continue honouring the contract. Remember, this is a contract between two parties, so it has to be honoured. Regarding BTIR on Term with ECI vs WL ECI, if you'd be able to provide your profile, I can do some sample dataset for you. ECI on term is horribly expensive, which is why sometimes, a Whole Life actually makes sense. But I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. Note that you should be comparing Manulife against CTP, because the payout structure of the plan is similar (i.e. higher of the bonuses + SA or multiplier amount). Aviva pays out bonuses on top of the multiplier amount. Some of my clients take Aviva due to this (and a very minimal premium difference)

About ManuLife

Established in 1980, Manulife Singapore provides insurance, retirement and wealth management solutions in a bid to help customers, no matter which stage of life they are in. In year 2015, Manulife Singapore was named "Contact Centre of the Year – Insurance (Under 20 Seats)" in the International CRE Awards for the second consecutive year. Manulife Singapore also received the "Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership of the Year – Insurance" award in recognition of its community and social initiatives.

Term Life Investment Plans

1.       ManuProtect Term

Purpose: Receive a lump sum payout upon death or terminal illness

Term Period:

-          Regular Premium: 5 – 10 years | 11 – 40 years

-          Single Premium: 5 – 40 years

Riders: Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Critical Illness, Accidental Death and Payor Premium Payor


2.       DIRECT ManuAssure Term

Purpose: Lump Sum Payout

Term Period: 5 years renewable up to 80 years of age regardless of health conditions, 20 years or up to 65 years of age

Riders: Critical Illnesses

Whole Life Insurance Plans

1.      Ready LifeIncome

Purpose: To receive yearly income


-          Secondary Life Insured (SLI) is an option to transfer the ownership of the plan over to a loved one, which can be appointed or changed up to 3 times during the policy term

-          Upon Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), you can get a premium waiver during your payment term while the coverage continues. Alternatively, there is also a Premium Freeze Option that allows you to stop paying for 1 year

-          Choice of term for guaranteed and non-guaranteed yearly income payout and premium payment term up to age 120.

2.       LifeReady Plus

Purpose: To be covered at every stage of life

Riders: Critical Illnesses (Early Critical Care Rider (II))


-          Health Advantage Benefit – You can enjoy upfront premium discounts for the first 2 years of the policy and longer as long as you meet the stipulated heath targets.

-          Retrenchment Benefit – 6 months of your premium will be waived while coverage continues if you or your spouse is retrenched and unemployed for 30 days or more.

-          Financial Flexibility – Accumulate policy cash value and an Option to convert cash value from your policy to annual payouts, over 10 years with additional 5% interest.


3.       DIRECT- ManuAssure Life

Purpose: Balance protection and savings

Coverage: Death, Terminal Illness, Total and Permanent Disability

Riders: DIRECT-Life ManuCritical Care Rider


-          Choice of paying premiums up to age 70 or 85

-          Receive declared non-guaranteed bonuses to help your cash value grow