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  • Semi decent coverage...not as comprehensive as the major players, read before purchasing, may only suit certain type of customers..
  • Updated on 02 Feb 2020
    [Claims Process] [Terms and Conditions] [Customer Service] Finally, got time to write a proper review about MSIG Health Insurance claims. In Feb 2019 I had a routine check with a GP, who noticed that I have a couple of weird moles and he suggested to visit a dermatologist. I visited dermatologist who confirmed that moles must (medical necessity) be removed. We scheduled a procedure, 3 moles were removed in one sitting. Thereafter, I submitted a claim to MSIG (total around S$1.6K). Got a quick response that if there is day care surgery involved, in my case, they will not refund anything (as I had $2,500 inpatient and day care surgery buffer). Even outpatient services were non-refundable (GP and Dermatologist consultations), because everything was linked to one case. I appealed and provided a lot of details, including their own policy definition of a day care surgery (that includes recovering facilities), and that in my case procedure does not qualify as a day care surgery, because I did not use any recovery facilities. Must I say that in all email exchange they never addressed this argument? They did not address many other arguments as well. Just kept saying, robot-style – “this is a day care surgery, period”. After endless emails, suddenly, they decided to return me the outpatient services fees. I thought that is not enough but had no time to invest in that nonsense anymore and dropped the case. More surprises came later, when in 6 months I had to renew the policy. They sent me new fees - increased by 75% (!!!). Reasoning was mentioned: "claim experience". I emailed them back that I do not agree to pay that and I do not understand the reasoning. They said that partially (30%) increase was due to change of age group 18-29y to 30-34y, however, they still forced 40% the “claim experience” part. In fact, 40% was approximately the amount I claimed during the previous year. So effectively they clawed back everything I claimed during the year + increase due to age group change. I believe this an extremely hostile practice. Actually, that is the very worst customer service and practice I faced in Singapore so far. Insurance company that does not embrace risks (their bread and butter) and effectively runs their business as a credit institution, forcing you to pay back the claims as loans… Nonsense. And now the funniest to the last. Before going for mole-removal, I emailed MSIG with doctor’s letter about my condition and planned procedure… MSIG officer responded, and I quote – “If it is not a pre-existing condition then this will be covered”. So with no doubt in my mind I went for it. Of course, I did not renew my policy with MSIG. Hopefully, I will not have to deal with MSIG ever again. My sincere suggestion to all, just pay a bit more to other insurance companies, so you don’t have to waste precious time and nerves.
    MSIG Singapore
    MSIG Singapore

    02 Feb 2020

    HI Vlad, thank you for taking time to review our health insurance policy. Please email your full name and contact details to [email protected] for us to look into. Thank you.

    04 Feb 2020

    I doubt it will change anything, tried to address the issue multiple times - got very selective responses. Certainly, I understand sometimes stuff happens and insurance companies do not cover the claims... But after how you behaved during renewal, no thank you.
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MSIG Hospital CashPlus


Kathlyn Laiu
Kathlyn Laiu, Community Associate at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered 6d ago
There are a few things you can take note of with this insurance. Hospitalisation cash benefit, where you will get cash benefits of up to $225,000 if you are hospitalised both locally and internationally. The repatriation cash benefits also include getting a well wishes gift from MSIG, with about $1,000 recuperation cash benefit paid out once you are being discharged from your hospital stay (stay must be of at least 7 days) Lastly, there is also emergency outpatient benefit where MSIG reimburse you with up to $1,000 for emergency outpatient medical treatment expenses after an accident. The main highlights of the plan would be the overseas medical evacuation and reparations where Hospital CashPlus covers you for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation (can go up to $200k). they also have a discount to the renewal of the premium where for every 12 months you stay claim free, you get a 25% savings off your renewal premiums. Something pretty attractive too would be the doubled daily hospitalisation cash benefit for overseas hospitalisation where cash benefit is doubled to $600 if hospitalisation is outside Singapore for up to 250 days
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MSIG Hospital CashPlus


Kathlyn Laiu
Kathlyn Laiu, Community Associate at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered 6d ago
Daily hospitalisation cash benefits - $100 per day. The cash benefit for every full day of confinement in the hospital locally (due to illness and injury). Keep in mind that the maximum number of days for any one disability is 500 days. Overseas Daily Hospitalisation cash benefit - $200 per day. This is for each full day of confinement in a hospital out of Singapore. The maximum number of days for any one disability is 250 days Intensive care Unit (ICU) daily hospitalisation cash benefit - $200 per day. Maximum number of days for any one disability is 60 days. However, there will be an aggregate limit of 75,000 for all the benefits above, regardless of the number of times the policy is renewed. Do take note thant there are things like recuperation cash benefit, emergency outpatient reimbursement benefit as a result of an accident or overseas emergency medical evacuation that is not covered for the silver plan.
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About MSIG Hospital Cash Plus


  • Insured person and their dependant (legal spouse) to be at least 18 and under 51 years of Age
  • Dependant (unmarried legal child) of Insured Person at least 15 days old after the date of the normal healthy birth or 15 days after discharged in a normal healthy condition from the hospital where birth took place, whichever is later, and below 18 years old, who is dependent upon the Insured person for support

Coverage: Lifetime

Overall benefits include:

  • Hospitalisation Cash Benefit
  • Recuperation Cash Benefit
  • Emergency Outpatient Benefit
  • Overseas Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Discount on Renewal Premium
  • Doubled Daily Hospitalisation Cash benefit for Overseas Hospitalisation

There are 3 types of Plans that may suit your needs:

  1. Silver Plan
  2. Gold Plan
  3. Platinum Plan

Benefit Description

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit (Maximum period for any one disability: 500 days)




Overseas Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit (Maximum period for any one disability: 250 days)




Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit (Maximum period for any one disability: 60 days)




Aggregate Limits for Benefits 1 to 3

Up to S$75,000

Up to S$150,000

Up to S$225,000

Recuperation Cash Benefit




Emergency Outpatient Reimbursement Benefit as a result of Accident


Up to S$500

Up to S$1,000

Overseas Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation and/or Repatriation or Local Burial of Mortal Remains or Local Cremation


Maximum Limit per Insured Person: Up to S$100,000

Maximum Limit for all Insured Persons, subject to per Insured Person Limit: Up to S$150,000

Maximum Limit per Insured Person: Up to S$200,000

Maximum Limit for all Insured Persons, subject to per Insured Person Limit: Up to S$300,000

Death or Permanent and Total Disablement




Summary of Key Benefits (Sum Insured)

Age Band

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

15 days to 17 years of age




18 to 30 years of age




31 - 40 years of age




41 - 50 years of age




51 - 65 years of age (Renewals only)




66 - 70 years of age (Renewals only)




Annual Premium per Insured Person (Including GST)


  • Enjoy discount of 10% off annual premium when you sign up with your legal spouse and child at the same time. All persons to be insured in a family must be insured under the same plan
  • Premium rates will increase according to age and are not guaranteed. Age refers to age last birthday