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AVIVA MyProtector

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Term Life Insurance

Critical Illness (CI)

AVIVA MyProtector

For DPI, the insurer pockets the comms. There isn't so much significant difference between DPI and via an advisor. If DPI is a whole lot cheaper, they'll cannibalise advisors, and they wouldn't want to upset their main distribution channel. So I'd suggest working with an advisor, at least they can give perspectives. An advisor's job also doesn't end at just product purchase. There are many additional areas we can help you with like estate planning strategies, cheatsheets for claims, budgeting and financial health checkups, etc.
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AVIVA MyProtector

Health Insurance

Hi anon, MyProtector is a term plan that is cost effective for death and TPD coverage. You'll have the option to add on riders that will pay out in the event of CI, early CI and even allow multiple claims for CI. Riders also can be added to waive premiums depending on the waiver criteria. Now, whether or not this plan suits you will depend on what coverage you need. I would say one of the key features of the plan is that it is very flexible and allows you to customize the duration, so for example if you were 35 and needed a 27 year term plan till age 62, you could actually customize it that way. (Some other benefits were mentioned by Kathlyn so I won't repeat them here). The maximum coverage duration goes up to age 85 which is quite decent, and the riders themselves can cover you for as long as the duration of the main plan. (e.g. some insurers don't provide TPD cover after age 70 on their term plans, but Aviva allows you to cover TPD all the way till 85) As always, ensure you know what coverage or financial need you have in order to judge if this plan is the sort of plan that you need.
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AVIVA MyProtector

In the event that happens, another insurer will take over their customers. You will have a term policy under the new insurer.
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About AVIVA MyProtector

Coverage: 5 years, 10 years or 11 years up to 85 years of age (at every 1 year interval)

Overall benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Renewable Option (GRO) - Renew policy every 5 or 10 years without further medical underwriting
  • Increase coverage at key life events
  • Guaranteed Convertibility Option (GCO) - Convert basic policy to new endowment or whole life policy
  • Interim Accidental Death Benefit

Choice of rides to enhance protection:

  • TPD Advance Cover Plus II
  • CI Advance Cover Plus II
  • MultiPay Critical Illness Cover III
  • Early Critical Illness Cover
  • Critical Illness Premium Waiver
  • Payer Critical Illness Premium Waiver
  • Payer Premium Waiver Benefit