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Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

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Credit Cards/Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card


0.25% on general spend

    SCB MANHATTAN $500 Card

    0.25% on general spend


Highlights of Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

  • Credit limit of S$500
  • No Minimum Spending or Cap
  • 0.25% cashback for general spending
  • Annual Fee Waiver
  • Credit card for students

Find out about the card's host of benefits, charges, promotions and eligibility criteria below.

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  • Posted on 25 Nov 2019


    SCB MANHATTAN $500 Card

    Had this card for almost 5 years. Always appreciated the ease of getting to the customer service officer from Stan Chart. Unfortunately not much benefits now and have switched to UOB privi miles card due to change of spending strategy.
  • Posted on 17 Nov 2019


    SCB MANHATTAN $500 Card

    [Promotions and Perks] When I signed up ~10 years ago, this card had free entry to places like Zouk etc [Customer Service] Once you get through their hotline, customer services always deliver. iBanking services improved vastly (still not as good as Citibank or DBS though). [Cashback Card] Not the best at ~0.25%, can't ask for more if you're using it as a student card [Fee Waivers] Easy, just need to get through their hotline to speak with an operator (~5 to 10 mins wait time)
  • Posted on 13 Nov 2019


    SCB MANHATTAN $500 Card

    The cash back of 0.25% is a bit low. I currently have CIMB Awsm card too that gives 1% but for certain spend only, hence I only use this card when the item I’m purchasing doesn’t give me any cashback on my awsm card
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Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

Find out how a Cashback credit card works, and the difference between Cashbacks and cash rebates.

Eligibility for Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

To be eligible for the Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card, you'll have to meet the following criteria:

  • Principal cardholders minimum age must be at least 18 and up to 32 years of age
  • Singaporeans and PR; Minimum annual income of S$18,000
  • Credit record free from default

Fees and Charges for Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: S$32.10 (Waived for first year)
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: Free
  • Fee waiver: Available
  • Interest-Free Period: 20 days
  • Annual Interest Rate: 26.90%
  • Minimum monthly payment: 1% or S$50, whichever is higher
  • Late payment charge: S$80
  • Cash advance fee: 6% or $15, whichever is higher
  • Overlimit fee: S$40
  • Fees for foreign currency transactions: Up to 2.5% of the transaction amount

Key Features and Benefits of Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

These are some features of the Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card and the Cashback benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

What You'll Get


0.25% cashback on everything you spend

Fee waiver

Annual fee waiver for the first year


S$500 credit limit

Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 card - Benefits

Terms and Conditions of Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card

  • You are not able to hold both the Manhattan Card and a regular credit card. You would be required to cancel your Manhattan card before applying for your new credit card
  • You can apply for a regular credit card with a higher credit limit if you are earning at least S$30,000 per annum
  • You can make payment to your Standard Chartered Credit Card bulls through immediate, future transfer or scheduled payment mode
  • CashBack is awarded monthly and reflected on your monthly statements. CashBack is applicable only for retail spending and is not awarded on payment for annual fees, late fees and such other similar forms of payment
  • The Bank reserves the right to amend any terms of the CashBack, including its percentage, at its sole discretion without notice.

Standard Chartered Contact Info

  • Customer service(Personal Banking): +65 9747 7000

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