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Asked on 29 Jun 2019

Which blue chip stock is a must buy for you, and why?

I've looked through the STI ETF and I don't quite like how there is a high concentration in financials, therefore I would like to self invest in some of them. Would appreciate if you could share which would be a good investment for you, thanks in advance!


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Darren Chew
Darren Chew
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 02 Jul 2019

There are no blue chip stocks that is a must buy. In fact there are several blue chip stocks are a must not buy.

A good stock that is currently may no longer be good in the furute.

in the 90s, SPH is a good buy as it usually move in a range and give good dividend.

However, the market condition has changed, this blue chip stock has been declining Would they able to recover in the future?

I would suggest you build a diversified portfolio of fundamentally good stocks and REITs. Rebalance it when the market condition changes.

Hope that help.