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Asked by Rach Tay

Updated on 18 Apr 2019

What is the best financial advice for someone who is new to personal finance, where should they start and should they really look for a financial planner?

Joining in on the questions. Can’t wait for pff :) Thanks seedly team for the ticket.


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Updated on 01 Mar 2019


You can start off with keeping track of your own monthly income and expenditures. do check out the 10-20-30-40 rule by CPF.

10% on insurance for protection, 20% savings for financial goals such as retirement, 30% expenses and 40% for loans. This is just a general guideline and not a one size fits all rule.

If you’re interested in wealth accumulation for a start, the common platforms you can look at would be the Singapore savings bond, STI ETFs, endowment plans and high interest rate bank accounts. If you do not have the time, experience and knowledge in these areas, then perhaps having a financial planner to guide you through the process will be of help.

Hope this helps! :)