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What is the best ewallet app? There are too many around and I'm confused?

What is the best ewallet app? There are too many around and I'm confused

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    • HC Tang
      HC Tang

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      Answered on 27 Jul 2018

      1) Grab Pay - Similar to kenneath. Using it for top up whenever grab dishes out any rewards.

      2) Paynow - Convenient to pay friends and Merchant (if they accept) for most banks in SG.

      Cons: Need to use mobile Banking apps to login via ID/passcode and 2FA(sms code) then only can pay friends / mechants by their mobile number or QR code. Some find it's troublesome to login mobile Banking apps to be able to pay.

      Pros: But most banks like DBS, SC accept just TouchID(iPhone) to login without the need for 2FA(sms code), so it might be easier to use nowadays for iPhone user.

      Rewards: No

      3) Paylah - By DBS only. To pay any friends or mechants using QR and mobile. It also has Paynow functions build in, so quite conveniet. Can request friend for payment such as meals sharing.

      4) Favepay - Read about it in Seedly, tried. Add your cc and use in some restaurant / hawker to pay via and get 10 to 20% rebates.

      Pros: I use it for some hawker stall for 10% cash back and pastries. Good if you always go back to the hawker, good cos where can you get rebates from hawker ?! :)

      Cons: The rebate can only use by the same stall :( So it's not cash back and thus only good if you visit the same establishment regularly.

      Hope they compete more so that Consumer can enjoy more deals! :)

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    • Kenneth Lou
      Kenneth Lou
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      Answered on 27 Jul 2018

      I'm personally using GRABpay and I quite like it cos of the GRABRewards (and I only change it for the $5 or $10 vouchers) :) At least for now before they devalue it. It's the best experience and I usually just top up if I need to, when I need to, to make the purchase.

      Then I will also get a 5% online cashback due to my BOC family card.

      Recently, I was buying a fitness package to get fitter (haha) and I paid using grab pay for over $500. It was a fun experience, and there are so many rewards points which gives me close to $40 grab rides free. That's like almost 8% cashback (the way I look at it) haha

      Other than this, I use PayNow (technically not an ewallet) and also PayLah (but only if I need to)... If there are any discounts etc.

      Oh yeah FavePay... but also merchant specific if I go back or not. (cos I get cashback just for that merchant, between 10% - 20% at times)

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    Terence Ang
    Terence Ang
    6 Answers, 10 Upvotes
    27 Jul 2018

    There's a lot going around but let me go through my personal experiences with the main ones:

    1. PayLah: This is probably the option if there's no contactless payment (Paywave, Mastercard Contactless). Mostly through the scanning of QR codes. Take note for certain hawker stalls that there's a $0.50 off promotion going on now on wednesdays when you use this.
    1. FavePay: I only use this option if I'm returning to the stall often. This is because you get cashback on your next purchase which is only valid for that same stall. Take note that means that even if it is a franchise, your cashback as Famous Amos Ang Mo Kio is only valid for THAT stall and not the one at Yishun. Use this option because the cashback can be pretty high (up to 10-20%) and that sometimes there is FavePay Promo (i.e $10 off paying $60 transaction) that is great for restaurant
    1. GrabPay: This is one of the more popular options I'm been seeing popping up now. Also, I use this when there's no contactless payment and don't frequent the shop a lot. Great to get GrabRewards points since they're pushing this method to get points instead of taking cabs.
    1. PayNow: This really isn't a wallet, but I use this method to transfer cash to friends or receive payment.

    There's many others like Alipay that can be quite good if you have an account because a lot of merchants that accept grabpay/favepay usually also have Alipay.

    All in all, hassle and fuss free cashless way if you are able to utilize the above wallets. It's about utilizing whatever promotions to maximize your savings and earnings. Refer friends for PayLah, Fave or Grab to get more credits to use for your next purchase too.

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