What are your Insurance, investment & personal finance plans for the upcoming SARS-like norovirus Epidemic/ Pandemic? - Seedly




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Asked on 20 Jan 2020

What are your Insurance, investment & personal finance plans for the upcoming SARS-like norovirus Epidemic/ Pandemic?

I've been through SARS period and was in the frontline for H1N1 (birdflu) pandemic. The norovirus seems to be on the same trajectory. As of today new cases and deaths have rapidly increase across the globe, in SG there are already 5 suspected cases. 1) What insurance coverage would be sufficient or should we look at? esp. for frontline staffs as some insurance do not cover global incidents eg. war or pandemic etc. 2) what are your investment/ personal finance plans to tide this threat?


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Hi anon,

At this point, hospitalization cover will be critical should you be warded.

As Hariz has pointed out, you can't claim from CI, but should death occur, any plan with death coverage will pay out.

I'd watch my hygiene very carefully at this point and only perform essential travel overseas. I'd seek medical attention if I'm unwell, since it's better to be safe than sorry.

Financially, I'd make sure that I have the usual 12 months of expenses easily accessible to me. If something really happens, I want to have funds to ensure that I can take some time off work to recover. If you have hospitalization leave, then your company will still pay up to 60 days of salary, which should be enough for you to recover and go back to work, but in the unlikely event your recovery takes much longer, an emergency stash of cash will provide a peace of mind.



Medical Insurance 100%.

The virus is not a critical illness like Stroke, Cancer, etc. So existing CI plans won't pay out.

For your personal accident plan if you have a clause to also pay in the event of illness and not just accident, you may be able to claim for medical reimbursement and accidental death.

For Death cover policies, if you die form the virus, there'll be a payout.

So basically nothing much more you can do, just make sure you have a hospitalization plan and hope you stay well. Avoid travelling to areas of high risk of the virus and keep your immunity up with fruits and vegetables.



First and foremost, always take the necessary precautionary measures when at work. Follow all protocols and take extra care. Have plenty of rest and keep yourself in check. When you sense something is not wrong, have a check immediately.

In terms of insurance, healthcare insurance is the first priority as always. Proper healthcare insurance coverage will help to cover most of the medical bills and cost of treatment to this end.

Secondly, critical illness coverage and life insurance will form an additional layer of protection before tapping into my personal savings. While we hope that the first layer of protection (i.e. healthcare insurance) is sufficient, the situation may worsen beyond our expectation. Therefore, it is good to have the second layer of protection.

Since I have a well-diversified portfolio for investment with sufficient liquidity, I'm able to withdraw part of my money when required (without much loss). However, I hope that the situation will not reach that stage as money that is not in my bank is earning a much better rate of return than the bank.

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