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21 Jun 2021

Lifestyle decisions

Can you guys share what sort of lifestyle you guys aspire for?


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    What are your thoughts?

    I aspire to be comfortable enough to eat at a restaurant without feeling guilty and worrying about how much my damage is going to be.

    I aspire to be able to splurge on a nice holiday at least once a year.

    I aspire to be able to afford a car. A normal car like an Elantra, Avante or Tesla Model 3. I don't believe in buying super cars in SG, legal speed limit 90km/hr max.

    I aspire to be able to be financially free so that I can retire early and do something to make a difference in society.

    Hopefully all of the above while raising a family.

    Just my hopes and dreams. Hopefully can come true luh huh.




      Laze around all day, do not care what happen to the world. The world is too complicated. A simple and minimalistic lifestyle. Just a roof over my head, 3 meal a day is enough.





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        10 Jun 2021

        Level 7ยทSocial Media Manager at Hodlnaut

        • I don't need a car, just to have more than enough to spend on public transport here.

        • I aspire t...

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