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I'm a Singaporean on exchange the US. I've spent almost all my money, and still have 1 more month. Other than asking my parents to help me with this, is there any other way I can get some money here?

By right I can't work here while on exchange can I?

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    • Lok Yang Teng
      Lok Yang Teng

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      Answered on 22 Nov 2018

      First contact your Designated School Official (DSO). If you are under F-1 visa, you're allowed on-campus employment:

      • Associated with the school's established curriculum
      • Related to contractually-funded research projects at the post-graduate level

      Always check whether it is an 'on-campus employment'. It is the employee's responsibility.

      As F1 student, 'off-campus employment' is not allowed unless authorised by the DSO. According to the DHS, a qualifying economic hardship entails "new, unexpected circumstances beyond (your) control," such as:

      • Loss of financial aid
      • Large increases in tuition or living costs
      • Substantial decrease in the relative value of currency the student depends upon to pay expenses
      • Unexpected changes in the financial conditions for a student's sources of financial support
      • Unexpectedly large medical bills not covered by insurance
      • Other substantial, unexpected expenses

      I suggest you seek the DSO for advice as he/she can best help you with your situation.

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