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Asked 2w ago

How much do you need to invest in endowus? What do endowus invest your money in - SG/Global stocks?

Have anyone tried endowus? Would you recommend it? Or other platforms?


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Level 7. Grand Master
Answered 2w ago

Endowus user here.

min 10k to start and subsequent $1k each top up, something which I am still uncomfortable with.

As endowus prides itself to be a adviser, rather than a fund distributor, they invest in limited number of funds, but i guess also these are the funds which they have high conviction in.

For their cash/SRS portion, there is only one equity fund - dimensional world equity fund. the rest are global bonds.

i chose to invest with endowus after meeting their team in a live session, read through their thought processes and the underlying funds fact sheets.

In general, I think it is still too early to say whether these digital platforms will be around for the long term and whether their stragety will perform as expected. that is why i also have investments with others. but it is not a good comparison whether this platform or that platform is better as their stragety, fees, etc differs.

so it boils down to how confident you are in the koyok they are selling. lol.

here is a referral code if you decide to open an account with them. you can get like 6 mths fee off. :D

anyway it is free to set up account and you can play around and check their portfolio, read their articles. investment is a long term game, do not rush.

hope this helps.


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Shaun WQ Lim
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered 2w ago

Minimum investment is $10,000. Can be across CPF, SRS or cash. Depending on source of funds, they invest in different instruments. You can refer to their website and see their portfolios.

Just started an account with them. Main advantage is that you use CPF for investing.

I don’t think they got an app yet unlike StashAway and Syfe. So need to log in to their site. Their UI is a bit confusing in terms of displaying the returns and breakdown of goals. Other than that, still ok for me.


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