Does anyone have a youtrip promo code/referral? Can you transfer the cash in your youtrip card back into your original bank account? - Seedly

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Asked 5d ago

Does anyone have a youtrip promo code/referral? Can you transfer the cash in your youtrip card back into your original bank account?

Will be going bangkok soon and plan to use the youtrip card, wondering if after the trip can i transfer back the money to my original account?


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Benjamin Ooi
Benjamin Ooi
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 1d ago

Nope. There is no promo code at the moment for YouTrip.

YouTrip does not allow the money to be transferred back to your original account or back to SGD currency.

You may consider Revolut if you wish to convert to Thai Baht in your eWallet. You are welcome to use my referral code and we both get $8.88 once you made your first transaction Hope this helps.


Level 2. Rookie
Answered 4d ago

Hey! You can use RAGINI5 for free $5 (valid thru 2020!) , and nope you can't transfer money out of the account but you can withdraw cash and deposit it again I guess



There is no promo code for YouTrip at the moment.

No, there is no way for you to withdraw the unused amount back to your bank account. This is in their policy terms.

Instead, they suggest for you to fully utilise the funds in the account, i.e. make purchases.

By the way, do note that YouTrip does not allow in-app exchange for THB. Therefore, it will be based on the exchange rate as determined by YouTrip. In most cases, this rate is still better than the rate that you see at the money changers in Bangkok. (Just FYI and sharing what I know.)

If you are going to withdraw money from Bangkok, take note that there will be THB220 + SGD5 for most banks. This is based on a recent real-world test that I have done - I will be writing a real-world blog review on this once I have completed a few more tests.

Here is everything about me and what I do best.


Question Poster

5d ago

Thanks alot zhe liang! but what does it mean by in app exchange? looking forward to your blog! :)
Pang Zhe Liang
Pang Zhe Liang

5d ago

Do hit the like šŸ‘šŸ» button on my FB page and subscribe to my blogā€™s newsletter to stay updated (no spam, I promise!). There are 10 currencies that are available for in-app exchange in the YouTrip app. This means that you are able to exchange SGD to the relevant currency that you are interested in to ā€˜lock-inā€™ the rates that you feel is reasonable. In the event that the rates are bad, you are able to use the foreign currency that is available in your wallet to make the purchase, rather than to suffer from the poor rates at that point in time.
Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham, Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered 5d ago

Unfortunately, youtrip does not allow withdrawals at this point in time.

And they also do not currently have a referral promo going no referal code to share.