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Doctor just told me that my kidneys are shutting down. I can't get a full-time job due to my chronic illness, and I earn 1.5k from teaching tuition. I think I can't afford dialysis, what should I do?

I'm on medifund from the hospital, have 2 insurance policies with GE (accident plan @ $371 per yr & savings investment plan payment thru OCBC GE card, paying ard $340 per mth, as I couldn't get anything else besides that since my chronic condition started in my teens) plus another education foundation plan from NTUC (bought by parents will only mature in 2048). Doc has informed me that I've 3 choices once my kidneys fully shut down, blood dialysis, water dialysis and transplant.

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    • Yeo Wee Teck
      Yeo Wee Teck
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      Answered on 15 Nov 2018

      Hello. Sorry to hear your condition.

      I had gone through the same problem about 6 years ago. My kidney was about to shut down. I was lucky enough to have my mom donate her kidney to me, which extended my life a second time.

      Some of the potential things you could go through now:

      1) Speak to your transplant coordinator to arrange for medical social worker to review your situation. If there are sufficient reasons to get additional support, they might be able to help.

      2) Try to seek help from close relatives whether they are willing to donate kidney. There is a risk involved but it will cheaper compared to dialysis, which is not sustainable.

      Other than that, I could only wish you all the best. Do drop me a note if you need some moral support. I've been through it. Life will only get better, if you could get the transplant.

      Good luck!

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    • HC Tang
      HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

      Top Contributor (Jan)

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      Answered on 15 Nov 2018


      I'm so sorry to hear about it. I wouldn't be able to fathom what you have to go thru. My though will be, if you can get donor, try to do what Wee teck says to get into the donor queue ASAP.

      Meanwhile, if you can spare more time to go for tuition, go for it so that it can increase your income to save and put it into some good interest / higher interest savings account to save for future expenses and for rainy days as much as possible.

      May you find a suitable kidney soon. Whatever happens, don't give up. There's always hope! Jia you!

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    Ke Ying Genevieve
    Ke Ying Genevieve
    1 Answers, 2 Upvotes
    15 Nov 2018

    Hello, sorry to hear what you are going through.. I believe there are certain government schemes you can tap into. For example, Medisave, medishield life, Chas card - the help that you get may not be alot. But it's a start. I'm not sure how it is for dialysis patients but usually before a patient goes for treatment, there would be financial counselling. You may let them know of your financial difficulties and they will refer you to a medical social worker. In the worse case scenario, you may also see if you can do partial withdrawals of your bonuses from the endowment plans that you have; or even to sell it off to some companies that buy over insurance policies. Hope that doors will be open for you to receive the treatment that you need. Don't give up!

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