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What are ways to improve my credit score? I had one default in the past as a student. (apart from the idea of getting a 10k secured credit card)?

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  • Kenneth Lou

    You will need to focus on improving your credit score with the Credit Beareu of Singapore (CBS) In the meantime, just use a debit card? The DBS VISA Debit Card actually offers really good rebates at 5% for all paywave transactions.

    Might not improve your score but u have a card and are building a relationship with the bank. When you build up a relationship via your savings account and debit card, you will be able to improve your chances of getting a credit card in the future.

    And yes. Stop applying for any card or loan over the next 3 years. Based on what I hear from friends and the community!

  • Yeap Ming Feng

    You might wish to invest in your Credit Report from Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS). From there, understand what might be affecting your credit score. At times, there are hidden cause which can affect your credit score.

    After knowing what is pulling down your score, go on and find a solution around it. I'm pretty sure the guys over at CBS are more than happy to help you with it too. :)

  • Brandan Chen

    CBS scores typically reset after 12 months. Perhaps u can try to apply once u are one year into your first job. If your monthly income is ~3k, it shouldn't be much of an issue getting a 10k limit


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