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09 Mar 2020



Would now be a good time to change my job given the current COVID19 situation and its impact on the economy?

I'm doing UI/UX in an MNC, looking to move over to banks or government sector for higher pay and experience. I was planning to look for a new job by June, however I've been reading in the news that many affected companies are freezing salaries, getting staff to go on unpaid leave etc. I am afraid that if I get a job I'll be the first to be asked to leave if the company starts laying people off.

Would it be wise to go find a new job given the current economic situation?

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Clara Ng

08 Mar 2020

Community Manager at Seedly

Hi Anon, it might be a safer move to stay put in your current job considering market uncertainity and the COVID-19 situation. Many businesses and companies have been affected and it is likely to last for awhile more. It would also take some time before businesses/companies can analyse the full impacts.

In the meantime since you are keen to work in banks or government sectors, which is an industry that might be relatively newer to you, it might be a good idea to learn the skills needed for the role you're interested in or sign up for online courses. If you have friends or family in these sectors, speak to them and find out more about these sectors so that you can use this time period wisely to prepare yourself for the role you want in the future.

All the best!​​​

Seems like a bad time to be jumping ship now. There’s so much uncertainties and many companies are also using covid19 as an excuse to cut down expenses and headcount.

Hi there, I guess no harm applying and see what offers you get. True, companies may be cutting costs and having hiring freezes, but if they truly are then they won't be posting job offers?

Nonetheless if you can still learn from your current company and you think your career prospects are good there, consider waiting it out.

Go search and apply for jobs, if get offer then you can decide liao... If no offer, then think also no use.

Pascal S

26 Feb 2020

MBA Graduate at Singapore Management University

Hi Anon,

Timely question

It is a difficult job market right now for many recent graduates, job se...

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